Key strategies of our operation:

Joe’s Granddaughter and Mike’s children keeping the cattle moving

Controlled breeding season – 45 days for heifers and 65 days for cows. Females not pregnant in this time are not kept. This ensures only highly reproductive females remain in the herd.

Heifer calving starts September 1 and cows September 15.

All females are synchronized and timed artificially inseminated (AI) then 10 days later cleanup bulls are used in single sire pastures. With heifers and two groups of cows, we have done heat checks and AI bred on heat indication for the 45/65 days.

Breeding uses purebred Angus, Simmental, and Brangus bulls (AI and natural service) with each female bred to its least related breed. (Example: a SMxBNxAN breed cow is bred with an Angus bull). All calves produced beginning in 2013 have a genetic makeup very much like SimAngusTM HT cattle. See this link for more detail  Sim Angus HT [CLICK HERE]

Calves are tagged with an EID and visual tag on day of birth to ensure integrity of dam and sire data and therefore breed makeup of each cow and calf in the herd.  Also, this ensures an accurate lifetime performance history on each dam and bull.

Management intensive grazing is used to provide year round grazing. Heifers, first calve cows and second calf cows get some grain supplement. All other cows get no supplement. Weaned calves get grain supplement till they are shipped to the feedlot.

Calves get no creep feed and are all weaned at the same time. Steer calves and heifer calves not selected as replacements are raised to a weight of 700-900 lbs. (based on supplement and feedlot cost).  Calves are shipped to a feedlot in a retained ownership program through harvest. Feedlot performance and carcass data are linked back to the cow and bull providing a detailed performance of each animal.

Joe recording data

All performance data from breeding to carcass results is submitted to the American Simmental Association(ASA). All cattle have ASA registration numbers and EPDs which are available on the ASA web site.

We are Beef Quality Assurance certified. We handle cattle in a humane way all the time.

Business Plan Outline Plan: Business Plan Outline [CLICK HERE]

Genetic Plan: Genetic Plan [CLICK HERE]

History and Business Plan Details:  History and Business Plan Details [CLICK HERE]

The Cattle Production Cycle Plan provides the details of herd health, breeding dates, weaning dates, and lots of other details that we follow from month to month;   It documents what we do to each class of cattle and when we do it.   Cattle Production Cycle Plan [CLICK HERE]