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I strongly believe J. Davis Cattle is producing the best replacement heifers in the industry. I bought 9 bred Heifers and 32 open Heifers from them.  All bred Heifers raised a healthy calf.  No problems. I think it is a combination of their strict culling criteria, their 3 way cross and all the heterosis that is gained.  Their integrity is above reproach and the relationship I have with them is highly valued.

— Rusty Wood,  Whitney Farm South Stephens, Georgia

Through leveraging the industry’s most advanced technology and hard work, Joe Davis and Mike Hall have created one of the most outstanding and progressive commercial herds in the business.  J. Davis Cattle offers a unique opportunity to purchase females from a commercial herd that would rival the best seedstock operations for genetic awareness.

— Wade Shafer, PhD., EVP for American Simmental Association

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